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I am thrilled to announce that this summer I am back at the

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire as Sir Henry Carey, 1st Baron of Hunsdon and

cousin to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.


I am excited to return to the shire, an even more so to return this time as the villain! Seriously this crosses a huge thing off my bucket list.

Come and experience the fantasy Aug 3rd - Oct 27th.












1558. Queen Mary I of England has died, and while the people celebrate the end to her long reign of terror, the kingdom is left in a precarious state. A people torn apart by religious conflict. A royal treasury practically empty. And the ever-present threat of France and Spain across the channel, hoping to take advantage of an England left defenseless. The nation now looks to a young woman of barely 25 years for its salvation: Princess Elizabeth Tudor, who travels now to our own Shire of Mt. Hope for her Coronation.

But not all are eager to see Elizabeth take the throne. There are many who worry that Elizabeth lacks the experience necessary to rule. Even members of her own family, such as her cousin Henry Carey, have expressed doubts about whether she possesses a monarch's temperament. And while Elizabeth does not shrink from the task set before her, even she wonders if she is up to the challenges that await.

But no worries will dampen the spirits of the Shire folk for long, not when there is such revelry to be had on their Festival day! There will be feasting and carousing with jolly companions, entrancing entertainment to delight all ages, and, as always, jousting galore. The merriment will culminate at day's end upon the Globe Stage, where all of Mt. Hope will bear witness as a valiant young princess sits herself upon the throne of England.

Indeed, a Princess will sit…and a Queen will rise.

Click here or the above image for ticket information! 

You can also find me performing several other talented improvers during this season at Friday Knights at the Improv! Aug 9th - Sept 27th Come see our Improv Track perform feats of mental, verbal, and physical agility for your entertainment! Presented in 2 acts, the first half is a competition of comedy as 2 teams face off against each other in "Whose Line…" style improv games hoping to earn the laughs and love of our audience judges. Then, after the intermission, both teams come together to perform a completely improvised musical based on the audience's suggestion!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 3.26.10 PM.png

If that wasn't enough I have another exciting project in the works.  From now till October I will be playing the role of Joseph Sutter in 'Victorian Tea' at Mount Hope. Daisy Grubb's confirmed bachelor friend whose appreciation for etiquette is matched only by his wit.

Group tickets are now on sale and can be purchased by clicking here or the picture below.

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